An Alternative View


An alternative view of what it means to be human and the nature of Creation
An application of a powerful interdisciplinary understanding of a technology of creativity interlinked through a common set of information to create health, wealth, inner satisfaction or whatever we desire to create

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What is it? (Top)

An Alternative View is a way to view both what it means to be a human being and the nature of Creation uncovered as a result of a journey of exploration in to the nature of our creativity. It is an interdisciplinary view captured in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material and understanding. Although it is view one can use to live their every day life, it a very powerful creative tool that can be adopted and use temporarily to find creative solutions to any situation we may face or enter any creative endeavor to create what we desire. An overview of this view and some of its salient features are provided here.

Background and an existing issue (Top)

Throughout human history there have been a variety of ways, teaching and/or traditions that have been used to direct our individual lives and provide some understanding as to the nature of Physical Creation. In the past these views were integrally woven into to the religious and spiritual teaching of the society. Modern science has however changed that connection. Modern science has tended to separate the understanding as to the nature of Physical Creation and how we should live our individual lives. Medical science and the psychological sciences have pushed into the realms of how to live our life. However, most of this guidance still resides in one or a combination of the long standing family traditions, social traditions, religious traditions, spiritual traditions, metaphysical traditions and philosophical traditions.

Much of the guidance as to how to live our live resides in the worldsí major religions or philosophies such a Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucianism, and a variety of other similar traditions. For many of these traditions, there is usually some sacred, written or verbal, text to which one uses to guide their life. These sacred texts capture the ideas, teachings and/or experiences of the founder or the traditionís greatest teachers. Each of these texts, whether it be the Bible of Christianity, the Koran of Islam, The Book of the Dead of Tibetan Buddhism, The Rig Veda of Hinduism, The Analects of Confucius of Confucianism, The Dhammapada of Buddhism, The Tankah of Judaism, or any other old or modern religious, spiritual, metaphysical or philosophical view, whether implicitly or explicitly stated, contains a view and perspective on what it means to be human; Creation; and the nature of the Creator of which many of which call God..

More recently in human history, science and what has been revealed in the observation of Nature has provided an additional view as to what it means to be human, Creation and the nature of the Creator. Often science moves in a direction which appears to be different, if not opposed, to some of the traditional spiritual and religious understanding.

The Alternative View provides a way to understanding why these different views exist, and in someway, resolve their differences. The issue here is not whether any one view or perspective is correct and/or right or wrong or even if this Alternative View is correct or incorrect. The issue is why are their so many different traditions and approaches. One questions we as human beings face is what is the nature of the human being and of Creation such that all of these views exist and each considers their view the correct view. The Alternative View provides a way to understand why each of these different views can be seen and experienced as true. For some, this is too much to be believed, until we see how it is possible.

The origin of an Alternative View (Top)

The deepest origins of the Alternative View actually started as a series of rhetorical question asked at various times about life as discussed in the topic, "Subconscious journey into creativity." These rhetorical questions seemed to lay dormant until a conscious attempt was made to find an alternative way to live life. It was a journey to look for a way that was more internally satisfying that which most were seen to be living.

One of the unexpected consequences of the journey to find an alterative way was finding the Alternative View of what it means to be human, of Creation and the nature of Creation. An Alternative Way to live life was found. However, to live this alternative way, it is helpful to adopt the creativity perspective and hold our creativity sacred. The Alternative View introduced here is a perspective that can be used to achieve this end - obtaining a creativity perspective in life and holding our creativity sacred.

Although the Alternative View itself is not needed to live the alternative way, the Alternative View provides a way to understand how and why the alternative way works and why holding a creativity perspective is essential. It is also a very powerful creative tool to use to find creative solutions to any situation we may face or enter any creative endeavor to create what we desire.

Salient features (Top)

It is a view that, in many ways, is quite different than what most individuals have been traditionally taught. But it is a view that is not opposed to what we have been taught. Rather, it builds on what others have perceived but gives full responsibility to us for what we experience. In particular, it provides a way to understand how it is possible that each of create the experiences we have and create the reality we experience simultaneously with others. Analogously it is like creating music. It is much like the way the individual members of a large orchestra each play individually according to the same rules to create a symphony. This Alternative View directs us to view Creation is a way that is much more creatively empowering that most other views. In this regard, the Alternative View is a very powerful tool in any creative endeavor.

This Alternative View is to understand that we are the creator/Creator experiencing its creation/Creation. The essence of who and what we are never dies, only transforms itself by how and what we think and believe. We incarnated into Physical Creation in order to have certain types and kinds of experiences. However, given the nature of Physical Creation and what it means to be a human being, most people in our life directed us to do other than what we came here to do. In one way or another, they direct us to "buy into" their game and not our own at the expense of our own heart and our own inner satisfaction.

This is, of course too much for most of to believe. It is especially too much to believed when we are faced with conditions or situations in life that we do not particularly want or enjoy and/or seem to have no control. The Alternative View provides a way to understand how this is possible and why we experience such situations.

The power of this Alternative View is that it opens our mind to creative possibilities and creative solutions we never previous considered or even knew existed. It can be used as an every day perspective to live life or it can be used and entered only when creative solutions are needed.

Whether or not this view is a correct view of Creation does not matter. As a minimum what it provides is a way which empower our unique creativity see options and aspects that we would otherwise not be open to seeing.

The key issues we face as a human being revealed by the Alternative View (Top)

We are an unfolding process: As a human being, we do not see our lives as an unfolding process. We see life as being born, growing up and dying and, depending on what we believe, some afterlife to which we go. In looking at the creative process, we can come to see our life is just part of a larger process. We are a larger process in two ways.

One way we are part of a larger process is that is we play a role within Creation and are part of the larger process of Creation unfolding. The second process is we are also part of an individual process of which our current life is only a segment of a much larger process. How we view this individual process again is a matter of what we believe. Some perceive we live, die and there is nothing more. Some believe we live, die and spend eternity in some afterlife. Some see us living and dying in a never ending cycle of reincarnation. Some see cycles of reincarnation with the possibility of transcending the reincarnation cycle.

But there is another possibility that few embrace. That is, we are infinitely creative being creating whatever we desire to experience. The only real process of which we are a part is awakening to the true depth and breadth of who and what we really are. Here, the never ending cycle is our individuated consciousness simply awakening and going to sleep as to the true depth and breadth of creativity available to us.

The inner is reflected in the outer - we canít give what we do not have: There is an ancient esoteric principle which states, "As within, as without, as above, so below." Exactly what this means depends on the tradition and tradition which one embraces. However, insights from modern science and looking at the equivalency of energy and consciousness provide a way to understand how and why this principles is true and the way to understand why it is true. These insights also help us to understand the existence and importance of our inner masculine and inner feminine relative to our creative endeavors and access our creative ability and creative power and how they relate to, and influence, our external relationships.

In exploring our creativity, it became clear that many are unable to get what they desire in life, especially something like love, because they are unable to first get what they desire within themselves. This inability was not the result of the individuals themselves. Rather it was because there are certain concepts and understanding about how we create our experiences and how the inner is reflected in the outer that have never provided to them.

Understanding the issue is quite simply. Suppose I ask you for one hundred dollars. If you have one hundred dollars you have a choice to give it to me or not to give it to me. Whether or not you give it to me is not the issue. The point is that you have it to give. However, if you do not have a hundred dollars to give, there is nothing you can do to give it to me no matter how much you want to give it to me. If you donít have it to give, you canít give it.

The same is true for anything we desire to experience in our life and/or we desire to give to another. We cannot give what we do not have. We cannot experience what is before us unless we are open to the experience. We have to become what we desire to experience. We have to become both the creator and the creation. For example, if we cannot love ourselves and love ourselves in the way we need to be loved including our bodies, we cannot give love to another. We may give duty, obligation, expectations, or an image of what we think love is. But we cannot give love simply because we do not have it to give. But this is true for anything we desire. We look for satisfaction in what we desire rather than finding satisfaction in who and what we are and allowing who and what we are to create the experience we desire to have.

Many of us have experiences in life that we do not like nor consciously desire to have. But it must be remembered we are a member of the human race at this point and time in human history. There are things to which we agreed to participate simply by becoming human and being born into the world in our particular bodies at a particular time and place. The issue we all have to deal with within this Alternative View is that our awareness which lies behind what we perceive never dies. It can go to sleep and whether or not we are aware and awake is another issue. Our awareness awakening in our body does not normally remember the intention for our life and what it is here. Nevertheless, we have agreed at some level within our being to experience the experiences we have.

The New Age thinking is very big on saying how we create with our thoughts. However, few carry this to its full extent. Few consider everything they experience is a result of some thought held by some consciousness and few consider the fact that it was a thought that created them and there is an intention for their life. The question is whether or not the individual desires to align with that intention or pursue other experiences in life. The Alternative View helps us to understand why we need to create an internal condition within ourselves that then gets reflected externally and how to go about creating that internal conditions.

Few realize that to look for satisfaction in what we desire causes us to live in separation and feeling separated from the source of our being. To find satisfaction in who and what we are as a creator allows us to feel a wholeness within our being and experience a oneness in our life within Creation. Here our desires arise from a desire to share the abundance from within our being rather than looking outward for another to satisfy our need.

Need to hold our creativity sacred: The Alternative View is to intellectually and experientially know we are the creators of our experiences and the creators of the reality of those experiences. It is to know whatever we experience we have either created the experience or agreed to participate in the experience we have. It is to know the individual in front of us or the situation we face is only what we ourselves asked to experience at some level of our being.

In this awareness it is important to hold our creativity sacred. We need to ensure we do not give our creative ability and creative power away without consciously being aware as to why. We need to come to know what serves us and our creativity. The human physical experience can be said to be designed to take our creative power away, make us think we are victims and encourages us to look outward for what we must find within. In this regard, the human physical experience provides us the opportunity to see just how creatively powerful we are. We do this by holding our creativity sacred.

We begin to hold our creativity sacred buy seeing whether or not we have creative  freedom in our own creative imagination  to explore options. As we find ourselves limiting ourselves in our creative imagination we need to remove those limits and barriers in whatever form they take. How we do so and what we replace the beliefs that gave rise to the limits and barriers we impose on ourselves in our creative imagination is our choice. As discussed in the concept of complex integration, we need to look to the feelings we have as we explore options in our creative imagination. We know we are creatively free by the feelings we are having which allows us to feel ourselves expanding into the infinity of our being.

Two ways to create: The Alternative View makes it clear when we live with an inner separation, we perceive there are two ways to create, a masculine way and a feminine way. When we live in wholeness, we see there is only one way to create and there is a masculine aspect and a feminine aspect to the process.

Physically experienced, the masculine way to create is to thrust out and take whatever we think is necessary according to our mind The masculine way is to follow the mind and what it thinks and believes about what we desire to create. The feminine way is to nurture a desired creation. It is to look to see what a creation needs and give it what it needs and not what we want to give or we think we need to give it. Wholeness in the creative process is to know the intention we set with our mind causes a flow of energy to come into existence. We then surrender to the flow of energy doing what the energy requires us to do knowing what we do is only in response to our own intention. It is in essence to be the creator and become the creation. It is to step into the mind and the role of consciousness to become the cause and thrusting out in the desires of the mind. Only then, to surrender to the experience we ourselves have created. It is a dance between heart and mind we each need to learn..

Some particulars addressed by the Alternative View (Top)

This Alternative View covers a wide range of topics. To discuss each of the individual aspects contained in this view is a book unto itself. Many of the individual topics are listed in the "List of Topics" for the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity material. However, many more are embedded within the various discussion in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity family of websites. What is provided here are some of areas addressed by this Alternative View.

The equivalence of energy and consciousness: Probably the most radical aspect of the Alternative View is that energy and consciousness can be see as equivalent forms of the same material of creation/Creation. In essence we are a flow of creative life energy which has awaken to the awareness of its existence. What we experience is determined by how we focus our attention and awareness by what we think and believe. As we change our focus we change what we experience.

Our "nonclassical" abilities: Building on the equivalency of energy and consciousness, the most significant different between the Alternative View and traditional views of what it means to be a human being and Creation is the lessons learned about the fundamental nature of Creation that have come to us through nonclassical physics. That is, the study of the atom, the nucleus, elemental particle and quantum mechanics which arose after about 1900. Crudely defined, classical physical deals with objects we encounter every day and is, in general, limited to what we can sense with our five senses. Nonclassical physical looks at the realm of Physical Creation that goes well beyond our five senses to look at the unseen aspects of Creation given structure to Creation at atomic and subatomic levels and the nature and structure of light.

The wave particle nature of energy and the effects of how an observer chooses to observe the energy opens the door to understanding our intuitive guidance, body wisdom, psychic or extrasensory type abilities and the siddhis obtained through many mystical practices. The Alternative View also explains why, although we all have these abilities, why most are unable to access them and/or why these ability seem to be inaccurate in what they provide. In this awareness, we can greatly improve what we can accomplish through such abilities.

The deep longing many feel in their heart: The Alternative View provides a way to understand and work with the deepest longing we can feel within our being and often symbolized in the heart and/or the desire for a beloved/Beloved, soul mate, and the like. It directly addresses the ultimate pain we face and how that pain becomes the fuel for creation/Creation

Why we must first create the conditions within: The Alternative View provides a way to understand why we must first create the appropriate conditions within our being for anything we desire to experience. Reflective of the discussion above on the ancient esoteric principle, "As within, as without, as above, so below," a way is provided to understand how the inner is reflected in the outer. It provides a way to understand how our creative life energy flow from within our being from the Source of Creation out into expression in the world to dissipate in the experience we have. In understanding this concept it become very clear how all our creative endeavors ultimate require a change within our being an some level, if not all levels, of our being to create any new experience. Otherwise, without the internal changes, we simply recreate the past in a new way.

The depth and breadth and variety of topics: The most interesting aspect of this Alternative View is the depth and breadth and variety of topics it encompasses. What started from a seed condition reflected in the awareness that within each of us is a creative spirit with an unlimited creativity which desire to freely express itself, the awareness grew into an understanding as to how we are both the creator of our experiences and we create the reality we experience. Reflective in this growth was to see how the unfoldment of our creative life energy/creative spirit creates every aspect of our life and the experiences we have. Hence the number of topics listed in the "List of Topics" and the areas of our life addressed in the variety of Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity websites covers all aspects of our life.

Studying and learning this Alternative View (Top)

There is good news and bad news about studying and learning this Alternative View and using it in our life. The good news is that it is available and found within the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity family of websites. The bad news is that is not complied as a view as such where you are told what and how to believe. Rather, if it a perspective that we come to have in working with our creativity and explore the depth of breadth of creative power and creative ability available to us.

The recommended approach to learning this Alternative View is as follows.

  • Set the intention to learn this Alternative View

  • Look to see and ensure you hold your creativity sacred

  • Begin some type and kind of true creative endeavor

  • Ask your intuitive guidance as to how you should proceed to manifest your creative endeavor

  • Honor the intuitive guidance you receive

  • Continue asking your intuitive guidance as to how to proceed and honor the intuitive guidance you receive until you manifest what you desire to create.

  • Simultaneous, as lead and as interested, read the various topics in the Releasing Your Unlimited Creativity websites. The "List of Topics" can be used to find particular topics of interest.

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